Spring has sprung (somewhat) here in the Pacific Northwest and everyone is talking about the new things the weather is bringing. Some are cleaning, some are getting their bikes ready to ride, and some are getting ready to pick up a second job because one job and college obviously isn’t enough of a work load while prodding their brains for plot bunnies.

Oh. Just me on that last one? Well, I was always told I was . . . masochistic special.

Even with my classes and jobs, I want to try some new things. First up: A new blogging schedule! My unexpected hiatus demonstrated that even one post a week is too much so I’m going to try posting every other Tuesday.

Secondly, I want to change something in my writing process. Namely, I want to be writing something. Skjulested is still gathering dust but I have other characters and plot fragments floating around in my brain, refusing to connect. This needs to change. While I would normally use Camp NaNo to bludgeon something loose, I would probably be a gibbering heap of stress, caffeine, and sleep deprivation by April 3rd if I tried Camp this year. (Dang it.)

I’m a very social writer and miss the company of my Twitter writing friends, so I’m looking into a writing group or a daily prompt that I can play around with. Skjulested started off as a series of drabbles and character exercises that refused to stop growing so I have high hopes.

What new things are you hoping to do in the spring?