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For the past several days, I’ve been trying to turn my focus from writing all the Doctor Who fanfic bunnies hopping around in my brain to working on my own stories. To that end, I’ve been looking over my (very) basic outline of the second draft for Matters of Magic and have been busy remembering all the major structural changes I decided to make. (There were quite a few.)

Re-familiarizing myself with my characters after two months away has me paying particular attention to the dynamic between my two main characters, Cyrus and Sarkan. Sarkan is a Trickster god and quite the smooth, manipulative bastard leader. Cyrus…is quite the opposite. Shy, stuttering, and he loathes the spotlight. Despite that fact, Cyrus is my primary protagonist and Matters of Magic is going to explore how he copes with being thrust into positions where he is not only in the spotlight, but in charge. Cyrus is very much against the traditional hero-type.

Playing with that dynamic and figuring out how to make sure my readers are going to a) connect to Cyrus and b) root for him is one of my largest concerns. Especially when there is Sarkan who is so very charismatic and persuasive (even in my own mind) and has his own fascinating backstory itching to be revealed and intertwined with Cyrus’s. I’ve compromised, somewhat, in that the second draft of Matters of Magic will have both Sarkan and Cyrus as POV characters but at the same time I have the niggling fear that my beta readers are going to come back saying “Sarkan’s a much more interesting protagonist. Why not focus on him in stead?”

Well, the only way to find out is to shelve my fanfiction for the time being and get to work cranking out a second draft. It’ll be an interesting few months to say the least.


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