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I’ve been back in school for two weeks now and it’s been…interesting. I’m taking Organismal Biology, Algebra Methods and Functions, Accessing Information Research (online), and, because my masochism knows no bounds, Latin (also online). I’ve also been running around trying to get my Financial Aid settled, adding a whole other layer of joy but that should be resolved by the end of this week.

Outside of classwork, I still have my part-time job at the library and my powers a co-Municipal Liasion (ML) for the Vancouver, Washington region for NaNoWriMo have finally kicked in. Nancy and I have all the NaNo events planned out, we’ll do the research for our pep talks in October, and in the meantime, I’ve been reading all the advice I can get my hands on in the ML Forums. Thankfully, the other newbie MLs are just as terrified as I am and we have mentor MLs who answer our every question about setting up events, encouraging Wrimos to come to said events, and writing pep talks.

All the new time commitments haven’t left me a whole lot of free time for writing but I’m sacrificing sleep making do and it’s been a wake-up call to tighten up my time management skills. I grew up with my mother earning two associate degrees and a national certification for her job, while working forty hours a week, and raising my older sister and me. I remember thinking, “I can’t do that! It’s hard enough going to regular school!”

It’s strange how perceptions change as you get older and when not doing something has Consequences. Fail a class? Have to retake it, pay more in tuition, and it takes longer to earn my degree. Not go to work? Out of a job, can’t support myself. Fail at being an ML? Nancy moves to England next year and the region descends into fire and chaos slowly declines into inactivity.

I find myself doing my homework for classes as soon as I get the assignments whenever I get the chance, whether I’m at home or on break at work. I’ve stopped checking DeviantArt, webcomics, Tumblr, and Twitter every hour. My consumption of fanfiction has gone down dramatically and miracles of miracles, I’m actually starting to be in bed, asleep, before midnight. Earlier, if I can manage it. My goal is to have set good habits so that by the time November and my next 50,000 words rolls around, I have enough time to write without killing myself from lack of sleep or overdosing on caffeine. Let’s see how this goes, eh?


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