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Today is a very good day: After almost four and a half hours of Biology lab and lecture, I will make my way across town to my tattoo parlor and get my second tattoo. Appropriately enough, both my tattoos (so far) have been writing focused.

Last year, someone on Twitter joked that I should get the NaNoWriMo logo tattooed on my wrist in light of my unofficial ML status and the fact that I was flying down to San Francisco for the Night of Writing Dangerously, a deeply fantastic fundraiser for NaNoWriMo. Well. Between my decidedly unhelpful friends (both on Twitter and in real life) encouraging me, I found myself at Five Star Tattoo on November 14th with my friend Lindsey, explaining how I’d like to get the Office of Letters and Light (NaNoWriMo’s parent nonprofit) logo on my left wrist.

“Oh, sure, not a problem!” said Levon, the artist who had some free time between appointments. From signing the appropriate paperwork to wrapping my stinging skin in gauze, the entire process took less than half an hour. I was very pleased with the result and took great delight in showing my new tattoo to fellow Wrimos and the OLL office staff in San Francisco.


(Nancy had much fun introducing me to the OLL staff and saying, “Look, I already got her branded!”)

The tattoo I’m getting today will follow the front arch of my left ribs and is a paraphrased quote from Doctor Who:

“We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.”

While the source of the quote is meaningful in and of itself, I focus on the words themselves: We’re all stories in the end. As a writer I certainly hope my stories will be considered good ones. But more importantly, a person’s life is made up of stories told by friends and family that will outlast our bodies if they do as the Doctor suggests and “Make it a good one.”

EDIT: Here’s a photo of the new tattoo! The ink is a dark, TARDIS-esque blue and I am in love with it.



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