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I’m heading into the second week of the August TBR Read A Thon and am wondering if I’m encountering some form of karmic payback from the universe. Specifically, the NaNoWriMo part of the universe.

Some background: It is common knowledge among WriMos that while the first week of NaNoWriMo is a breeze with the giddy joy of starting your story with the new characters and all the possibilities lying before you. Your fingers dance across the keyboard and you rocket past the daily word count goals. The second week is a dark, dark place. You’ve written too much to scrap the plot that is suddenly petering out with characters who are refusing to do anything beyond lie on the couch and moan and how did you ever think this was a good story idea? You find yourself sweating twenty minutes  for each sentence, full of loathing for every word you type.

Confession time: Week Two despair…has yet to happen to me. I don’t know why, I just keep my head down as I type,  and knock on wood that I will continue to be so blessed. [knocks on wood]

Well, here I am in the second week of the Readathon and after double checking with Nancy that no, she/the reading gods are not going to smite me, I’m chopping two books off of my list. I say farewell to The Dragon Champion by E.E. Knight and A Letter of Mary by Laurie R. King.

The premises are still enticing and I want to read these books at some point in my life but that point is…not now. Reading is a still priority but unfortunately these books haven’t made the cut in my brain for what I want to read. When a book has been sitting on my bookshelf for over two months and I haven’t picked it up yet, I tend to take it as a sign. Sound off: Does this happen to anyone else?


Nancy is running her August TBR Readathon this month and I am pleased to say that by tonight, I will have knocked my first book off the (rapidly growing) list: The Stone Rose by Jaqueline Rayner. I received the book as an interlibrary loan while at work (celebrated with an impromptu victory dance much to the bemusement of my coworkers) this past Saturday and tore through most of it on my breaks and lunch hour at work yesterday.

I want the audiobook because it's narrated by David Tennant

I look forward to reading through all of the books on my list this month but I have two road blocks that threaten to stop my reading in its tracks. The first is something I can’t control: My classes starting on the 19th. My free time will be greatly reduced as I try to (re)establish good study habits. Take notes, plot out when major projects and papers are due, figure out how my duties as a NaNoWriMo ML will fit in…(Eating and sleeping should probably be somewhere on that list too, huh?)

I am all too in control of my other road block:  I have a bad habit of checking up on Twitter or reading fanfiction on my breaks and lunch time at work. I’m one of those Virgos people who has to read through every tweet in her timeline and it’s much easier to catch up on four hours of tweets on a fifteen minute break than eight to twelve hours after getting home. I find fanfiction to be very soothing after dealing with the never-ending row of carts stuffed with books waiting for be shelved or student-patrons scrambling for the classic literature needed for their summer assignments (Spoiler alert: It’s already all been checked out.) Even if I bring a book with me to work, I’ll ignore it in favor of my iPad or phone.

To beat this second, bad habit, I’ve resolved to leave my iPad at home (classes permitting) once a week  and focus on the books on my TBR list when at work.

Technology, you are not the boss of me!

Technology, you are not the boss of me!

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